Even though you most likely don’t notice, polyurethane is a part of your everyday life. Whether it be on your furniture or bedding, refrigerators and freezers or even your footwear, you’re more surrounded by polyurethane then you may have realised. It is a plastic material which can be used is many ways and can be tailored to be either rigid or flexible.


Here at Four Star Flooring we use a form of polyurethane to coat our stunning timber floors. By using Polyurethane is this manner, it safely and effectively protects the exposed floorings from natural elements and different forms of pollution. This means your floors will not only look better, but they will last longer too. Polyurethane offers durability, corrosion and weather resistance making them a suitable coating for all kinds of surfaces.


High gloss, semi-gloss, satin and matte are only a number of the different polyurethane coatings made available to our clients, and at times, choosing which one is best for your home can become a difficult and overwhelming task.



Each type of polyurethane coating not only creates a different look, but has separate benefits too. The solvent-based polyurethane offers the highest gloss option for a lovely shiny finish while a more subdued shiny finish is also attainable with this coating. Solvent-based polyurethanes are also able to withstand a greater level of foot traffic while creating a look of depth in the timber and grain caused from the thicker coating needed.


The water-based polyurethane, unlike the other polyurethane finishes, is a much more environmentally friendly alternative, as the polymer is floating in a water-based solution instead of chemicals. This eco-friendly option has a clear finish with different sheen levels also available.

While choosing the perfect finish to achieve the look you are hoping for can be difficult to do by yourself, our team of specialists are on hand to make recommendations based on your requirements and wants.


So get in touch today and let the Flooring Experts find the perfect finish to suit your requirements!